As we embark on this tremendous journey of building a reputable media publishing company for creative Christian arts, we look up to our heavenly father for guidance and favour in such a challenging industry and decade.

Creative Eden has been founded on the premises of sharing our creative arts with the world with the aim of touching lives through our good works. As a non-profit start-up, we are passionate and excited about our humble beginning and all we want to do is give our best works forward.


Our music division, CE Sounds, will be releasing its firsts singles in this month (March 2018), which will see the introduction of our creative director, Kossi Bruno and an upcoming artist, Kyran Pitman. Don’t go away, we have a line of amazing songs to be released this year.

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Our literature division, CE Books, will be publishing a couple books this month and already has a number of books to publish over the next six to twelve weeks. Our first author is a Christian Poet that has released “The Heart’s Pen” under our previous brand, VerseTab and is now signed under Creative Eden. We have some amazing titles coming up next, ranging from non-fiction to devotional to short-stories and poetry.

Our arts and technology division, CE Arts and Technology, sees the publishing of beautiful artworks that is pleasing to the eye and speaks to the soul. We will be releasing a few artworks from a Christian artist named Carlito, so do stay tuned to see what he has in store for us all.


At the moment, we are open to taking on any new Christian artist that aligns with our mission and vision, and is passionate about sharing their talent with the world.

For any enquiries, do get in touch at