We are a social enterprise that publishes a range of creative arts, with the purpose of inspiring and challenging the new generation of millennials across the world.

Creative Eden is a non-profit organisation based in the heart of Birmingham, United Kingdom.

We work with Christian artists and entrepreneurs to publish and promote creative arts that uplifts, encourages and entertains the world of arts and entertainment.

Our vision is to become an Eden for the publication of creative art, produced by Christian artists and given to the world.

Our mission statement is to share and promote beautiful art products (songs, books, artworks) that touch and inspires the inner you.

Our Core Values

As a Christian founded organisation, we have strong and profound values that guides us towards accomplishing our mission.

  • Faith
  • Creativity
  • Inspiration
  • Integrity
  • Excellence
  • Innovation

Our Partners

We work with Hiana Foundation on a range of projects to produce relevant arts. This could be photoshoots led by the Hiana team.

As a Registered charity, Hiana strives to empower youths with a range of services and sponsorships. For more information, simply visit hiana.org


In order to launch and build the organisation, the co-founders worked together
to gather a team of passionate and friendly individauls.

Kelvin Osondu

Chief Executive Office

Ann Christie Marstellar

Social Media Manager

Amelia Quareshi

Content Manager

Abraham Rogers

Label Manager


Suite 4, FIrst Floor
The Citadel
190 Corporation St. 
B4 6QD


(44) 330 133 0050


M – F : 9am–5pm (GMT)

Sat :  Closed

Sun : Closed